Hill of Grace Barossa Shiraz “deserves its pinnacle”

Australian Shiraz is not the most timid of wines. In fact, it’s the sort of wine I would choose to keep me warm on a polar expedition, so an ambient temperature approaching 100F seemed far from ideal for a recent celebration of 50 years of Hill of Grace Shiraz at the Henschke family winery in South Australia.

For various logistical reasons, we 16 tasters first met up in the Hill of Grace vineyard itself and I still have the burn marks on my shoulders to prove it. It was almost too hot to talk, but Stephen and Prue Henschke, who met as science students at Adelaide University in the early 1970s and are now in charge of this celebrated eight-hectare vineyard, were determined that we should see the fat, gnarled “Grandfather” Shiraz vines responsible for Hill of Grace.

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